NanoZip 26489076 349801244 2010-03-14T13:45:51Z Varnav 296276 {{notability|date=March 2010}} {{Infobox software | name = NanoZip | developer = Sami Runsas | latest preview version = 0.07 alpha | latest preview date = {{release date|2009|07|04}} | operating system = [[Microsoft Windows]], [[Linux]] | genre = [[File archiver]] | website = [] }} '''NanoZip''' is an upcoming [[file archiver]] currently in alpha state of development. The project goal is the highest possible compression efficiency. It is a single program that uses several different novel compression algorithms. According to benchmarks <ref></ref> <ref></ref> it currently is one of the fastest and most efficient of all known file archivers. The archiver is based on original compression technology that uses [[Burrows–Wheeler transform]]. It uses a novel sorting algorithm requiring 4n space for computing BWT. <ref>B. Balkenhol, Y. M. Shtarkov,"One attempt of a compression algorithm using the BWT", Falculty of Mathematics, University of Bielefeld, 1999</ref> <ref>P. Fenwick, "Burrows Wheeler Compression: Principles and Reections." Theoretical Computer Science Vol 387 (2007) No. 3 pp 200-219</ref> <ref>S. Deorowicz "Context exhumation after the Burrows Wheeler transform", Information Processing Letters, Vol 95, No 1, pp 313-320, 2005</ref> == References == {{reflist}} == External links == * {{software-stub}} {{Compression Software Implementations}} [[Category:Data compression software]] [[ru:NanoZip]]