31-08-2012demo of lzma file alignment effect
02-06-2012Re: Useful compressed streaming properties
16-05-2012init fix for masked literals in lzma
30-04-2012Modelling... what exactly?
10-04-2012CTW/CTS compressor by Joel Veness
07-04-2012Parametric approximation of entropy(rate) function
25-03-2012Probability estimation
08-02-2012Another? DNA contest
06-11-2011Concealing data in deflate streams
06-11-2011Steganography for universal recompression of lossy formats
31-10-2011reflate - a new universal deflate recompressor
29-10-2011tar replacement for Cyan
09-10-2011.rec toolkit
02-10-2011More ideas for LZ matchfinding
02-10-2011lzma's binary tree matchfinder
10-06-2011plzma codec
17-05-2011LZMA markup tool
24-04-2011Nibble MMC matchfinder
08-04-2011Software protection
08-03-2011comparing file transfer speed with ccm and lzma compression
07-03-2011Format priority for recompression
02-03-2011lzma recompressor
04-02-2011SSE(o2,o4) CM coder
14-01-2011Vectorized rangecoder
02-01-2011Using paq8 to measure image similarity
20-12-2010Huffman code generator
06-12-2010lzma submodel shares / redundancy measurement
26-11-2010New data structure for bitwise CM
13-11-2010Updating the linear mixer with BFA
08-11-2010Compilers are crazy
04-11-2010Simple binary rangecoder demo
01-11-2010bsc's qlfc postcoder
28-10-2010SSE2(o0,o1) demo aka 2d interpolated mapping of linear inputs
30-09-2010Code generation in LZ decoder / Branchless LZ77 Decoder
15-09-2010Context quantization and CM asymmetry
15-09-2010Probability estimation for near-empty contexts
13-09-2010Structure detection
12-09-2010Compression state-of-art discussion with C.Bloom
18-08-2010Channel info
17-08-2010Rangecoding with restricted output alphabet
16-08-2010javascript file uploader
01-08-2010Compression resources
31-07-2010paf archiver
25-07-2010Coding with restricted alphabet
15-07-2010IntelC 11.1.065 vs gcc 4.5
02-07-2010IPP7 beta
30-05-2010Japanese OCR evaluation
16-04-2010Unaligned bitstring matching experiment
31-03-2010Executable patch generation methods
26-03-2010LZMA source
28-02-2010Germany wins
19-01-2010Simple bytewise context mixing demo
05-12-2009filesharing with built-in recompression
05-12-2009GPU compression again
02-12-2009MTF and Coroutines and Codec APIs
22-11-2009Paq mixer theory
18-11-2009Directory scanning in windows
22-10-2009Bit guessing game
05-09-2009Remote diff utility
17-08-2009compression trace tool
13-08-2009CCM decompiling
30-07-2009Sami's graphs
29-07-2009Inline assembly routines for paq8
22-07-2009LZP flag sequence compression
13-07-2009A weird order8(?) CM coder
21-06-2009C++ compile-time constant detection
29-05-2009BWT with compressed input data
28-05-2009Ordered bitcodes experiments
26-05-2009Alphabet Reordering for BWT
07-03-2009ASH 05
06-03-20092G+ memory blocks
13-02-2009M1 benchmark
21-01-2009Sample evaluation
28-11-2008PPMd reformatting
26-10-2008Data Structures for Context Model Statistics
30-05-2008Modelling techniques
30-05-2008Comparison of the recent CM demo coders
20-04-2008Sudden offtopic
22-03-2008Bytewise vs Binary
03-03-2008Mixer vs 2D SSE
23-02-2008ASH04a and LTCB
09-01-2008First guess
24-12-2007Forum mirror
18-12-2007Model orders